Another very powerful feature of LinkDriver is URL simplification, or shortcuts. Using the interface illustrated below, it is easy to rewrite the complex URLs that may be in your dynamic web site. To change a URL, simply browse for the URL you want. LinkDriver automatically attaches your domain to the beginning of your URL, thus keeping the URLs shown a bit shorter. In the example shown, the shortcut URL would be

You can activate or de-activate shortcuts using the "Active?" checkbox. This allows you to test the effectiveness of different variations. Any changes you make do not become effective until you select the "Save Changes" button.

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Create URL Shortcuts

LinkDriver can create shortcut URLs that allow you to access specific pages on your site with a short name. Either enter the URL below, or click the browse button to open a browser window where you can browse to the page you wish to create a shortcut for.
Shortcut URL Original/Source URL Active? Delete?

Most dynamic URLs are difficult to read by both humans and search engines. They often contain odd characters (#, ?, % etc.). A significant number of Internet users look at the URLs given back by search engines to determine if it is appropriate or not for what they are looking for. Extremely complex URLs are often overlooked as they may be off target.

You can use LinkDriver to create simple shortcuts to your web pages. For example, the URL to the Marriott Courtyard in Camarillo is listed below. It is not apparent what this URL links to. With LinkDriver, you can rename