LinkDriver needs to be taught how to find all the products that relate to each of your categories. Fortunately it is easy to teach LinkDriver. All you have to do is set your search page to find the products for each of your catagories. For example, lets say you sell car parts and one of your LinkDriver categories is “tail lights.” Presumably you have already identified on your site a search page that lets users look for the types of products you carry. To view all the tail lights you might have to select “body parts” from a drop down menu on the search portal. Then select “tail lights” from another drop down menu, perhaps called “sub-category.” This queries your product database and displays all of your tail lights. When you browsed your site for LinkDriver, you identified this page as a search page. LinkDriver now wants to go back to this search page and learn how to find all the products related to each or your categories. LinkDriver simply needs you to enter the search parameters for each category so that it can gather a list of those products when putting together category doorway pages.

When you come to this section, LinkDriver displays all of the search pages that you identified.

Type: This is the type you associated with this portal during the Browse Site session.

URL: This is the URL for the search portal you identified.

Name: For your reference, LinkDriver allows you to name each of your search pages so you can recall their use. This will not replace the title of your web site portal page. This name is only used by LinkDriver and will not be visible to anyone coming to your web site.

Field Description: Clicking this button displays the teaching interface for that particular portal. Red means that none of the fields have been defined. Yellow means that some, but not all of the fields have been defined. Green means that all of the search form fields have been defined.

Disable for LinkDriver?: You can optionally tell LinkDriver to bypass this page when it is processing your site. You may have identified several search pages, but one will be sufficient to find all the products in each or the categories you have identified. In this case, you may disable the other search pages. This will not effect the functioning of the existing search pages in your site.


Type URL Name Field Description Disable for LinkDriver?
Target Search /search/products
Target Search /search/prodadvl

The next section in this tutorial will look at what happens if you were to click the "Teach" button for "main search portal."