Now we come to one of the most powerful features of LinkDriver - unlimited user-defined product categories. LinkDriver can optimize and group your products for submission to the search engines by any number of logical categories you specify. For example, if your web site sells real-estate, a logical category might be 'homes in Arizona' or 'Aspen condos' or 'Eclectic retreats' etc.. Although there is no minimum or maximum number of categories you must specify, the more logical categories you have, the more likely your site will be found by different types of searches in the search engines. These categories are integral to how LinkDriver submits your web pages to search engines. These categories may be 100% of your site or logical portions. LinkDriver allows non-technical people to fine tune and repackage their web site products without effecting existing web site code. In the example below, SportCorp has created categories for tennis balls, sweat bands, and shoes (one would assume they will add more categories!).

Enter categories:

For each category that you define, LinkDriver will generate what is called a ‘doorway page.’ A doorway page is a page on your site that lists many related links to your products (you may remember doorway pages from the Site Discovery process earlier). So a generated doorway page will list all of the products associated with a particular category. Combined with keywords and descriptions of the categories (which you will look at next), LinkDriver will generate doorways based on your categories. In SportCorp's case, they will next enter keywords and descriptions for tennis balls, sweat bands, and shoes.

LinkDriver’s doorway generator is a very powerful marketing tool. For example, lets say you are a hotelier and you have a large, complex site. For various design reasons your existing site may not package the hotel rooms in all the ways possible. You may want to list all your rooms in Aspen as a category or define all of your ‘desert resorts’ as a category. It is often the case with product web sites that only a handful of the total number of logical product groupings are made. This is generally done to simply the user experience, as no one wants to wade through a hundred ways to group hotel rooms! However, when people are using search engines to find hotel rooms in Aspen or desert resorts, your hotel rooms grouped accordingly will appear as a very good, focused site in the search engines. With LinkDriver, you can have as many product groupings as you want, without affecting your existing web site!

These categories should be appropriate to your business. For example, if you sell clothing, you may specify categories for shoes, socks, pants, and shirts. You want to create a sufficient number of categories so that LinkDriver can provide the search engines with several choices that link to many of your pages. So even if you already have a doorway page (category) for a particular part of your site, it is a good idea to describe an alternative category which covers much of the same listing. It is important, however, that you do not generate a superfluous number of categories, or categories that do not relate to your business. Having more categories will not help you get a better ranking in search engines, or more listings in search engines. Never use titles such as "EASY MONEY", "BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY" or "MAKE MONEY." These are generally banned from major search engines as potential spam.