It is helpful to LinkDriver if you identify "gateways" within your site. You may not be familiar with the term gateway, or perhaps you have a different understanding of the definition. Gateway, doorway, portal, are all very subjective words that are interpreted differently within the industry. It can be very confusing! LinkDriver identifies a gateway page as a page that is made especially for search engine spiders and NOT for human viewing. This means that it probably would look pretty bad if you looked at it, but the data is placed in such a way as to be very 'digestible' by search engine spiders. Many sites use gateway pages to list all their products. In this way, a search engine spider only needs to see one or two gateway pages to find the links to all products.

If you are not the web master for your site, you may not know whether there are gateways on your site or not. So ask your webmaster if you are unsure.

If your original site designers created a gateway page, LinkDriver can use it to operate more efficiently. Don't worry if you don't have one (or are not sure) -- LinkDriver will create one for you. However, if you do, you can enter up to 3 existing Gateways with the following interface. LinkDriver should have automatically placed your correct domain (in place of the used in the example below). This makes it easier for you to enter the URL address of your gateways.

Enter existing gateway locations:

Gateway 1:
Gateway 2:
Gateway 3: